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Lelin Activity Tractor

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The Lelin Activity Tractor is an interactive toy designed for young children to learn and explore through play. The tractor is typically made of high-quality wood and features several activities and components that promote learning and engagement. Here are some of the key features of the Lelin Activity Tractor:


  • Interactive and educational: The tractor is designed to promote early learning and cognitive development through interactive play. It features several activities and components that encourage children to explore and learn.
  • Wooden construction: The tractor is made of high-quality wood, making it sturdy and durable for extended playtime. The wooden material also provides a tactile experience for children and promotes a connection to nature.
  • Colorful design: The toy is brightly colored, making it visually appealing to young children. The vibrant colors also promote color recognition and learning.
  • Safe for children: The Lelin Activity Tractor is designed to be safe for children to play with, with no sharp edges or small parts that could be a choking hazard.
  • Imaginative play: The tractor promotes imaginative play, allowing children to create stories and scenarios with the toy.

Product Size 33 x 7 x 12 cm

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Dimensions 33 × 7 × 12 cm


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